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10 Inch Rear Leg for DeskCycle 3S-JCD

  • $12.00


This leg lets you place the DeskCycle closer to your chair.  Already included with your DeskCycle2.

The shorter 10 inch leg fits between chair legs better than the standard 15 inch leg that comes with the bike. See the picture for details.

Only a very small number of people may actually need this leg. As an approximation, you would have to be shorter than 5'3", and your chair legs would have to be close together. Even then you may not need this leg. Some customers have placed their chair behind the 2 front wheels of the chair.

  • Most people don't need this; Only needed for shorter people who can't reach the DeskCycle pedals
  • Enables you to place the bike closer to your chair because the shorter leg fits better between chair legs


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