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Active Classroom Fitness Bundle

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Sale has Ended.

Together at last!

We have paired up the two most popular office & home exercise equipment machines we have. Plus dropped the price - A LOT!

Why would we do this?

The fact is we are moving to a new warehouse location and need to move the inventory. We figured rather than pay to move it, why not take that cost and wipe it right off the price?

Why not indeed!

But you have to hurry. The moving date is the end of the month so once it is moved to the new warehouse it is no longer eligible for this low, low, sale price.

For more information on the individual pieces of equipment being offered at this low bundle special price.

Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.

Here is more detail about the DeskCycle2

Here is more detail about the Stel'Air Climber JB-465