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Classroom Bike Desk for Middle School JL-824MS

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The Stel'Air Student Folding Desk Bike has been redesigned to fit the younger students.  Now children from around age 5 can benefit from their own Desk Bike.  

Fold away when not in use it is a lightweight bicycle desk for kids from 3' 7" to  4' 10".  For taller children over 4' 10"  please see the regular sized Stel'Air Student Bike Desk. 

The seat height adjusts from 66.5cm to 74.5cm

For the middle school student who benefits from movement they can read, study, and even participate quietly in the classroom while pedalling.  

The seat is made of comfortable padding so the student can focus on their work and not squirm because of a painful seat.

The cushioned seat helps to provide comfort while in the bicycle saddle.

A slight change from the larger model this one does not have a backrest on the seat.  This way the smaller kids won't be tempted to use it to climb on the bike.

The Student Desk Bike can also be used without the desk.  It is a fully functional stationary bike.

The Display attachment is optional and can be used with or without.

Simple folding and the wheels on the stable legs enable simple storage.  Moving the bike from room to room is as easy as tipping it onto the wheels and take it to another room.  Once the bike has been locked back into position it is ready to pedal.

The resistance knob allows for 8 levels of adjustment. The bike pedals quietly as it has a magnetic tension mechanism.  It can be used for general fitness and really exercise the students in a Phys Ed environment, or to pedal intermittently throughout the day in the classroom.

Pedalling helps to increase and maintain alertness and focus.  Kids will also benefit from improved digestion and cardiovascular benefits.



Stel'Air Student Bike Desk Junior Features & Benefits

Steel frame is light, compact but designed for use. Easily set the magnetic resistance control knob to any of the 8 settings. The control knob is mounted on the frame and can be adjusted during operation for greater or lesser difficulty.

The desktop is finished with a durable non-slip material and the forearm rests help to prevent carpal tunnel as well as stopping a notebook from sliding off.

Activity during the day has shown to make children more alert and more productive. Movement actually helps a child focus as well as all the physical benefits of fitness.

Use of the display is optional.   It is great to calculate distance, calories, time and speed on the bike. Easily set and meet fitness goals or use in Phys Ed games by using the targets set on the display.

Desk is a non-slip surface with a comfortable forearm padded rest.

The comfortable seat promotes longer periods of exercise.


  • Upright folding table bike
  • Removable backrest
  • LCD display: Scan, Time, Speed, Distance, Calories
  • 8-Level tension control
  • Double axel, 2 drive belts
  • 100 Watts
  • Seat post with additional support rod
  • Transportation wheels
  • Assembled size footprint: 53 x 41CM
  • Shipping Weight: 21.5KG
  • Maximum user weight: 100KG
  • Removable Table
  • Space saving, simply fold up and put away
  • Quiet
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multi-users.


Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Description Clarification: The JL-824JR&MS is built for most children from 110cm (3' 7") to 150cm ( 4' 10") in height. To assist parents and teachers in confidently choosing the bike most suitable for either of their Junior School child or their Middle School child, we made two distinct listings for the same bike. This enabled us to more clearly show (using imagery and description) the range of ages and sizes this bike would fit.

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