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COMPRESSION BRAKE WHEELS - Stop your office chair from rolling while seated. Perfect addition when pedalling at your desk.

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Hands-Free Brake Casters are a great way to keep your office chair from rolling away when you are pedalling your mini pedal exerciser.

To engage the compression brake all you need to do is sit in your chair.  Your chair will not roll away as long as you remain seated. This is the perfect solution for people concerned about their chair rolling away as they pedal their DeskCycle.

The other benefit to having office chair casters that brake when you are seated is it works to help you fight sitting disease.  Because you now have to get up off the chair to move around it will help break the habit of sitting and wheeling everywhere.

5 piece set with 2" wheels.  These replacement casters will fit all office chairs with standard size casters.   7/16"x7/8" (11mm x 22mm) wire grip.

These soft wheels designed to not scratch the floor also brake when you sit.