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Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair BW-893

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The design of the Stel'Air ball chair frame promotes healthier posture. The chair is adjustable in the legs and the back support allowing you to adjust the chair to your frame.

Other ball chairs of similar design come with a smaller stability ball where the ball will slip through the frame and touch the floor. This Stel'Air model includes an anti-burst 65" ball and the legs will adjust for height. Please follow the instructions under the "Extra" tab for a proper two-day inflation for best results.

Sitting on an ergonomic ball chair helps to improve core strength and energy. Rather than slouching in a regular office chair all day the back support is not designed to lean against instead it will quietly reminds you to sit with a relaxed and ergonomic posture.

Proper posture helps to relieve back, neck, and shoulder tension as well as incurring small micro-muscle movement in the body core.

  • Adjustable legs and back for custom fit
  • Cushioned back
  • Easy-Glide, locking casters
  • Includes handy air pump
  • Removable 65cm ball for exercise



Stel'Air Adjustable Ball Chair Features

  • The stability ball can be used in the frame for work or taken out for exercise.
  • Included with your custom fit ball chair is a handy air pump with the assembly instructions.
  • The stability ball included can be inflated up to 65cm so it will accommodate taller persons.
  • Back and legs adjust to provide a custom fit.
  • Metal steel tube frame.



  • Stability ball: 65cm
  • Shipping weight: 5.2kg
  • Weight Capacity Max: 250lbs
  • Includes stability ball and pump



Stel'Air Exercise Ball Inflation Guide

Any air pump with a nose that will fit the hole can be used. Foot pumps or hand pumps are effective. Some people have even used small straws to pump by mouth.

1. When the ball is opened from its packing it is best to allow it to warm to room

temperature first.

2. unfold the ball and lay flat for inflating.

3. *NOTE* Day 1 - do NOT attempt to inflate the ball to full recommended size. Inflate the ball to where the material begins to stretch. This will be about 80% of the recommended size. Do not sit on the ball at this time.

4. On the next day after the ball has rested at its new size for 24 hours it is now ready to be inflated to full size. To ensure you don't over fill the ball you can pre-measure by placing two objects the distance of the recommended size. For example if your ball is a 65cm ball place a box 65cm away from a wall and expand the ball to fill that space.

5. It is not uncommon to have to re-inflate a new stability ball a couple of times after the first inflation. It is also not uncommon to have to re-inflate the ball every few weeks. Depending on the amount the ball is used.



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