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Desk Exercises: How to Exercise at Work

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About "Desk Exercises:How to Exercise at Work"

What if?
– you could fight against Sitting Disease with very simple exercises?
– exercises that you can do at work?
– you could easily burn up enough calories each day at work to start dropping pound after pound each week?

Specially designed desk exercises for the office worker to do:
– without working up a sweat…
– without attracting the attention of your cranky boss…
– without having to eat tasteless health food…
– without having to buy expensive equipment…

Find out about simple things you can do throughout your workday that will burn calories and combat some of the illness’s associated with sitting for long periods of time.

By using the tools and tips in this new book “Desk Exercises – How to Exercise at Work” you will be well on your way to losing weight and becoming healthier all while still being on the clock.

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