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DeskCycle Replacement Crank Arm 4-DRCY

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The DeskCycle replacement crank arm is only needed if your pedal has been installed incorrectly.

Following the directions while installing the pedals there are two very important things to pay attention to.

1.  The pedal must line up correctly with the threads so you don't cross thread.  If you try and tighten a pedal while cross-threaded the metal will give-way and strip.  The pedal will not stay tightened and the crank arm will need to be replaced.  In some cases both the pedal and arm will need replacing.

2.  When installing the pedals make sure the right pedal is installed on the right crank arm and the left pedal on the left.  Both crank arms and pedals are clearly marked.  The left pedal is a "left-handed thread".  This means it is different from the right and is tightened by screwing it to the left.

Although the DeskCycle doesn't require any maintenance it is still a good idea to keep it clean and to ensure the pedals are remaining tight.  If you find a pedal is loosening it is a good idea to use a liquid thread lock like "Loctite"


[VIDEO] How to Assemble Your DeskCycle

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