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3D Replacement Pedal Straps 42D-T8

3D Replacement Pedal Straps 42D-T8

  • $12.00


* Fits both the DeskCycle and MagneTrainer pedals.

The velcro straps on the pedals are designed for long life.  In some cases where there are multiple users or when the straps are pulled away forcibly, they may need to be replaced.

Usually once the user has set the straps to the size of their feet for a comfortable fit, they are left in place.  With multiple users who have a variety of feet sizes the opening and closing of the velcro can wear in time.

If the strap is closed tightly and then stepped on or when pulled apart and force bending at the outer edges; this can cause the edge of the strap to crack and wear.  This is considered wear and tear and is not a warranty issue.

How to replace the strap is described in the user manual.



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