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Gift Card - Holiday Special Offer

Gift Card - Holiday Special Offer

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Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with an Inside Trainer Gift Card.

Top 10 reasons why Inside Trainer
Gift Cards are AWESOME!

  1. They NEVER expire.
  2. They aren't taxable.
  3. They make EXCELLENT gifts.
  4. They carry a balance so you can use them like a store credit card and don't have to spend it all at once.
  5. Forgot someones birthday or anniversary? No worries - these are PERFECT for that "last minute" gift.
  6. They tell someone special that you are thinking about them.
  7. Fast and EASY way to get everyone what they want.
  8. Available in several denominations to fit even the smallest gift budget.
  9. Can be used immediately or in the future.
  10. Can be used for all online or over the phone orders.

The value of a gift card is never lost - even if it gets lost! We keep records of all transactions so you can always find out your balance or get one re-issued if you lose or delete your original purchase. If this happens just call or email and we'll send you your card again.

Inside Trainer Shop Gift Card FAQ's

Can I buy a gift card in US funds?

Yes - US currency gift cards are available in the US store here.

Can a gift card be used more than once?

Yes - until the balance is completely used up you can use your card.

Can I apply a discount code to purchase a gift card?

Yes - you smart cookie you! If you have a discount code that is for store-wide purchase you may certainly use it to purchase a gift card.

Can I use a discount code in conjunction with a gift card?

Absolutely! A gift card is a form of payment.

My gift card isn't working, what do I do?

Any problems using your gift card just call or email and we'll find out what the issue is and fix it.

Can a gift card be re-loaded?

No - when your gift card has exhausted it's funds you will need to purchase another one.

Can I "re-gift" a gift card?

Yes - they never expire and anyone can use them.

Are gift cards available in plastic?

No - gift cards are sent via email.

What is the return policy and product exception policy for Inside Trainer Gift Cards?

Inside Trainer Gift Cards are issued through The Inside Trainer Inc. The card is valid only for purchases online or over the phone at The Inside Trainer Inc. stores. Inside Trainer Gift Cards are not returnable nor can they be exchanged or redeemed for cash (unless required by law). Merchandise returns that were purchased whole or in part with a Inside Trainer Gift Card will be credited the gift card amount to an Inside Trainer Gift Card. The Inside Trainer Inc. reserves the right to cancel Gift Cards obtained illegally or through fraud.