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Larger Pedals for Medical Pedallers LS-543

  • $37.00
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Here is a link where you can compare the different size pedals available for the Medical Pedaller.

Medical Pedaller Larger Pedals

  • Non-slip large base for easy pedaling
  • Adjustable Velcro straps fit all foot sizes; Soft, wide straps maximize comfort and support
  • Ball bearings provide smooth pedal motion and a long life
  • Standard 9/16 threads fit many brands of exercise bikes•
  • Full 1 year manufacturers warranty

These pedals provide a larger non-slip platform to set your feet upon when using the Medical Pedaller as a leg exerciser. They also have easy-to-adjust Velcro pedal straps that fit all foot sizes. The pedal straps are soft and wide to maximize comfort and support. Recommended when only using the Medical Pedaller as a leg exerciser.

Note! If you plan to switch between the Large Pedals and other pedals, we highly suggest purchasing the Quick-Connects. Otherwise you will wear out the threads on the pedal arms.

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