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MagneTrainer TS-273

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The MagneTrainer is portable, light, and first in it's class. As a portable mini exercise bike it offers the ultra smooth and really quiet pedalling experience.

Designed in the USA to work as a home leg and arm exercise machine for general fitness, rehabilitation, and for helping with circulation and mobility issues. The MagneTrainer is great for general overall fitness needs.

Made of durable and quality components it also comes with a variety of options and included accessories. The way it is made provides a stable neo-drive system that will provide 10X the resistance of friction mini pedal machines and 3X that of other magnetic resistance machines.

The optional accessories available are excellent for adding functionality for the operator of this machine.

The MagneTrainer is quality made and great for at home, commercial, or therapeutic applications.

The Magnetic resistance components allow for several settings and even at its highest will deliver a smooth and quiet experience. This means there are no pads, or belts, or some other form of friction device is being used for resistance. This is great because there won't be the usual jerky feeling from the pedals that the friction machines are known for. Just smooth pedalling all the way.

The magnetic tension is delivered by adjusting a magnet closer or farther from a metal flywheel. The closer it is the more resistance there is. With several settings and a strong magnet, most people never set it to its greatest resistance.


MagneTrainer can be used as
Leg Exercise Pedal Machine

Although a little higher off the ground than the DeskCycle it can still be fine at the office. It may be too high for under the desk but it still is quiet and takes up very little space so it can be used off to the side.

The MagneTrainer comes with a digital display so you can see how fast you are going, track your time and distance as well as use your online access to the calorie calculator so you can track how many calories you are burning each time you pedal.

The mini pedal machines are great to boost your current fitness level. They are used world wide by thousands of happy, satisfied customers at home, in the office, nursing homes, chiropractic offices, assisted living facilities, physical therapy, hospitals, and other places where healthy exercise is wanted.

To use it from home you need only your favourite chair and the TV remote. Let your legs pedal while you watch your shows. Maybe you would prefer to read a book instead? Either way the smooth and quiet operation of the MagneTrainer will allow for pedalling without disturbing you or the people around you.

MagneTrainer can also be used as
Arm Exercise Pedal Machine

Place the bike on your kitchen table and attach the ergo handles (optional) to exercise your arms and shoulders. Check with your medical practitioner first but many people have found this is great for frozen shoulder and other range of motion problems.

The arm workout will provide resistance so you can build strength as well as improve circulation.

MagneTrainer Features

Use just about anyplace, while watching TV, reading, at work, talking on the phone etc.

3X the resistance of other mini pedal exercise machines with magnetic resistance and 10X that of the comparable friction pedal exercisers.

Front and rear supports give excellent stability so it's not wobbly. The front legs have Dycem® Pads so the bike won't slide around easily.

The pedals have a Velcro strap for easy adjustment.

Compact and lightweight (16" x 20" x 18", 22 lbs).

  • Adjustable Magnetic Resistance - Up to 170 Watts of Max Resistance.
  • Sturdy Steel Frame.
  • Computer Functions - Speed, Time, Calories, Distance and Scan.
  • Housing High Impact plastic.
  • Weight 22 lbs.
  • Measurements Minimum 16" x 16" x 18" (w x l x h) Measurements Extended.
  • Base 16" x 20" x 18"(w x l x h).
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.

MagneTrainer Accessories

Several optional accessories have been designed specifically for the MagneTrainer.

Ergo Handles for ergonomic arm workouts.

These hand grips place your hands in a more natural position when using the MagneTrainer to exercise your upper body.

Great for physical therapy.

Recommended when using the MagneTrainer as an Arm Bike. Order Ergo Handles [Click Here...]

Note! If you plan to switch between the ergo handles and other pedals, we highly suggest purchasing the Quick-Connects. Otherwise you will wear out the threads on the pedal arms.


Larger pedals. Also have Velcro Straps.

These pedals provide a larger non-slip platform to set your feet upon when using the MagneTrainer as a leg exerciser. They also have easy-to-adjust Velcro pedal straps that fit all foot sizes. The pedal straps are soft and wide to maximize comfort and support. Recommended when only using the MagneTrainer as a leg exerciser. Order Larger Pedals [Click Here...]

Note! If you plan to switch between the Large Pedals and other pedals, we highly suggest purchasing the Quick-Connects. Otherwise you will wear out the threads on the pedal arms.

Larger Display for easier reading with Larger Numerals

Large, High-Contrast numerals are easy to see; numerals are twice as large as standard display.

5 functions; Displays Time, Distance, Speed, Calories, and Scan

Window size is 2.42 inches; Standard display window size is 1.5 inches (diagonal).  Order Large Display [Click Here...]

22 inch Leg for added stability.

Improves the stability of the MagneTrainer. The 22-inch wide base eliminates side-to-side rocking.

It raises the front of the bike by 4 inches. This prevents front-to-back rocking.

Highly recommended for use in nursing homes, assisted living facilities or physical therapy offices where the patient has difficulty pedalling correctly.

You don't need this leg if you use the bike as described in the manual. Order 22 inch Leg [Click Here...]


Change between 2 sets of pedals in seconds. Enables you to change between ergo handles and pedals in seconds.

Each set of Quick-Connects supports 2 sets of pedals/handles. Order Quick-Connects [Click Here...]

Medical level Foot Pedals.

These foot pedals are primarily used in physical therapy offices, assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

They are designed for patients who, for medical reasons, cannot keep their feet in standard pedals.

Each pedal has adjustable Velcro heel and toe straps.

The patient should wear shoes and socks when using these pedals. Order Medical Pedals [Click Here...]

We also recommend using the 22-inch wide Adjustable Leg accessory, or the Hospital Chair Kit for patients who have a difficulty pedalling the bike.

Desk Display Kit.

Place your display on your desktop or table top.

Great accessory for those who exercise at their desk.

Includes 10-foot extension cable and a sturdy steel stand. Order Desk Display Kit [Click Here...]

**NOTE** To see ALL Medical Pedaller Accessories [Click Here]

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