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OfficeGym Resistance Chair Attachment

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The simplest answer to health complications.

With OfficeGym you can stop all sedentary health problems, right where they start.

OfficeGym is an innovative exercise device, designed to simply fit on any chair backrest by its flexible Velcro straps.

The knob in the central unit allows you to lock the aluminum handles in one of two positions, up or down, to allow a complete range of different exercises. It only takes a little exercise now and then to make your body feel and truly work better: It can improve your blood circulation, relieve stress and stiffness and it can help prevent spine related health issues.

Anytime you grab the handles you’ll be surprised at how quickly your body adapts to your new workout routine.

“Office workers spend 90% of their day in a chair.”

We are not made to sit for 8 hours. OfficeGym was made as the solution to that.

OfficeGym is a discreet, ergonomic workout device created to improve the overall fitness level of office workers. It is the fruit of medical studies and research, design and technology, and just like an apple, it helps keep the doctor away.

Most common diseases, serious or minor ones, can be directly linked to the lack of physical exercise. From cervical to back spine problems, from economy class to carpal tunnel syndrome, the continuous, light use of OfficeGym can provide just the right amount of exercise to avoid pain, drugs and costly therapies.

As an added bonus, a healthy body gives you the energy to fully develop your life and go after your biggest dreams.

“Everyone can use resistance training.”

If you can sit, you can use OfficeGym.

It’s so easy and accessible, anyone can take advantage of it.”

Built with strong but lightweight materials, OfficeGym is conceived to let you perform the most effective exercises in the broadest and most varied applications.

The variety of its training covers all areas and concerns: development and training of muscles and bones, treatment and prevention of ordinary to rare disorders.

The pulling exercises are good for anybody, young and old, male or female pathological conditions, its pulling exercises are good for any body, young and old, male or female. OfficeGym is especially suitable for those who sit too long and move too little, people busy working with no time for proper physical activities.



“A flexible system to fit any size and style.”

OfficeGym is a cool workout overall. Easy to put on and off any chair with a backrest.

Engineered in Germany, OfficeGym is carefully designed to become one with any chair.

Big, small, office chairs and normal chairs, with or without armrests, thrones or high chairs, as long as they have a backrest, OfficeGym can be readily and firmly installed.

Its two pairs of Velcro straps of different length (3.5ft and 5.5ft), allow it to fasten it on back rests of different heights. OfficeGym can be a very agreeable officemate, good-looking, well-built, quiet and never in the way, always ready to do some work together, for your own exclusive benefit.

“Anytime is the right one to do yourself a little good.”

Feel free to exercise a bit during your sitting hours. You decide when and how.

OfficeGym is a ground-breaking system which allows three-dimensional exercises, based on the principle of resistance. Unlike most commonly used linear movements, this innovative type of workout is carried out vertically, forwards and to the side at once.

Three dimensional exercises truly work for the health of the central nervous system, as injury prevention and help to create body awareness, strength, stability and concentration. They are a great workout for such a small, simple exercise.

OfficeGym can build up and shape your muscle tone, as well as to train your balance and even trigger precious neurophysiologic functions.

Many gadgets and fitness devices promise to be your personal trainer. By using OfficeGym every day, you’ll become your own personal trainer. Who can use OfficeGym?

OfficeGym can be used by everyone, man or woman adult or young, unless there is a preexistent physical condition that does not allow for safe use of the device.  We recommend consulting with your physician before use.


Can I install OfficeGym on any chair?

OfficeGym was especially developed to fit most office chair types, yet it can also comfortably fit various other types of chairs, like dining chairs.  OfficeGym is not compatible with sofas, couches, armchairs and lounges.

Is there a list of suggested exercises?

Yes. In your OfficeGym package you’ll find a simple guide providing ten basic exercises, with advices on the body parts they involve and the resulting benefits.

Is assembly required?

Yes. OfficeGym is very simple to assemble and only requires the use of a screwdriver and 5 minutes of your time.

How do I know if I installed the device correctly?

Once installed OfficeGym on the chair backrest, the fastening straps should be tight enough to allow the device to stay firm and steady during its use. The tube endings, pointing upwards, should remain at shoulder height or 5 cm higher or lower if the person is sitting with the backrest upright.