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Stel'Air Compression Sit-Brake Casters 3F-AB2

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STOP your Chair from Rolling

These are the solution to a roll-away chair.

If you have a chair on caster wheels that is rolling for any of the following reasons;

➤ Are you on a slanted or uneven floor? Are you constantly having to pull yourself back to the desk?

➤ Are you using under desk exercise equipment? Is the pedalling movement of your legs slowly pushing you back?

➤ Are you a gamer? Do you find the fast motion activity causing you to slide all over the place?

Finally! These "hands-free" locking wheels are the solution to most chair rolling problems.

They come in two compression strengths and will fit any chair with standard size casters with 7/16″x7/8″ (11mm x 22mm) wire grip.

Never will your chair roll away on you again. They have a soft coating so shouldn't scratch most floor surfaces.

How to Operate

To engage the brake on the wheels all you need to do is sit in your chair. That's all there is to it. Your bodyweight will lock the wheels. To move your chair again simply stand up out of the chair and push. As soon as you are out of the chair it will freely roll again.

Other styles of brake wheels require you to bend down or get on the floor to physically "lock" each wheel. Then you need to physically flip the "unlock" tab when finished.

The Sit-Brake Casters 3F-AB2 are simple to use:
Sit = Lock 
Stand = Unlock

Never again will you have to crawl around on the floor locking and unlocking your chair wheels.

The Stel'Air Compression Sit-Brake Casters 3F-AB2 are self-locking by compression. The only time you ever have to handle these wheels is when you first install them.

Installation is easy. Simply pull your old ones out and push these new ones in. Not sure? Try it now. Flip your chair over and see how easy your wheels come out.  If you need some help, here is a "how to".

These caster wheels have a nice rubber coating to protect the floors and shouldn't scratch most surfaces.

Two Compression Strengths

The “Regular” compression strength will be suitable for most office chairs. 

Each package of 2" casters come as a set of 5 so you can completely replace the wheels that came with your chair.

Stel'Air Sit-Brake Wheels 3F-AB2 Features & Benefits

Uneven or Sloped Floors

These wheels are perfect if you have a slope or uneven floor. Once you are seated the chair will not roll.

Under Desk Exercise

Do you have a under desk pedaller or leg swing? If you find the under desk exercise activity is causing the chair to slowly drift away from the desk, these brake wheels will lock anytime you sit at the desk.

At Work Exercise

These auto-locking chair wheels are excellent to help in preventing "sitting-disease". As annoying as it might be, these wheels will make it so you cannot simply roll around the office to get things. If your old habit was to wheel over to the filing cabinet, now you have to stand and walk. This is great for burning extra calories and healthier for your body.


When you are heavily concentrated on your game and twisting and turning the joystick or handheld console, you might find the chair is rolling away. 



  • 2" Caster Wheels
  • The wheels are common sized to fit most office chairs.
  • The wire grip end (the metal piece) is 7/16"x7/8" (11mm x 22mm).
  • Casters are soft wheels designed not to scratch the floor
  • Sit to lock
  • Stand to release
  • Rolls Quietly









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