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Stel'Air Pedaller + Wheeled Bed Stand & Clamp Bundle XFYL-832SC

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Easily set the stand up with reclining bed chairs or beds for smooth pedalling. Adjust the height of the arm easily using the pneumatic height adjusting cylinder for smooth operation.

The clamp is micro-adjustable to attach to most styles of hospital beds. Engineered with steel for strength and durability.

The Stel'Air Wheeled Bed Stand & Clamp fits the Stel'Air Medical Pedaller YL-832 works optimum with the Medical Pedals BF-945 while laying in bed. This ensures the patient can pedal and not be concerned about their feet sliding out of the pedals.

Because the yoke is easily raised and lowered the stand can easily turn the foot pedaller into an arm pedaller. This will allow for total body exercise from the bed or the chair. It can also be used for arm exercises while standing.

If you plan to switch back and forth between medical pedals and ergonomic arm handles, it is suggested to install the Quick-Connects JC-675 to ensure the integrity of the crank and pedal threads.

Pedalling from a supine position in bed using the Stel'Air Bed Stand is made easier because the pedaller can be pushed closer or further from the patient by simply sliding along the yolk arm.

Stabilizer legs will adjust to fit around the bed wheels to a width of 30" or to fit under the hospital reclining chair to a narrow 25". The rolling casters are soft and non-marking with foot brakes.

Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.

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