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Stel'Air Sit-2B-Fit Total Body Toning Ball Chair TC-294

  • $199.00


The stylish design of the Stel'Air Sit-2B-Fit Total Body Toning Stability Ball Chair helps to improve your posture and build a strong back, all while sitting.

It is amazing the exercise a person can get when sitting it the right chair. Keeping the core and back constantly engaged will cause small muscle movements that stimulate blood flow.

The obvious benefit of a backless ball chair is how it helps to relieve lower back pain through better posture and core engagement. Sitting on a stability ball chair will help you to breathe better. The removal of the back rest also removes all temptation to lean back and slouch.

When seated on the ball the unnoticeable tiny movements your body makes from balancing will help to stimulate the blood flow and exercises the abdominals by engaging the back and core.



Stel'Air Backless Stability Ball Chair Features & Benefits

The 52cm balance ball is slightly smaller than the regular size exercise stability ball so it will allow for the added height of the chair frame to comfortably seat most adult heights.

The height recommendation to use the Stel'Air ball chair is for most people who are  5' to 5' 11". If you are a taller person and would like to add some height to your chair you can use a larger ball, provided you remove the wire frame, or add leg extenders made specifically for the Stel'Air Backless Ball Chair.

The additional wire frame will ensure the ball is held securely and won't roll off the frame. These are used by many people and others use the chair without.

Each chair comes with its own handy little air pump to inflate the chair. It is best to inflate the chair in two stages (see video) to ensure the stability ball material has had a chance to relax and adapt to its new form.



Never having to interrupt your workday you can accomplish all the usual workday tasks you did with your regular old office chair but now have all the healthy benefits of sitting on a ball chair.

  • Measurements: 22"W x 24"H x 22"D.
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Height: For those 5'-5'11" tall.
  • Compatibility: 52cm balance ball.



Stel'Air Backless Stability Ball Chair Accessories

Leg Extenders for the Stel'Air Backless Stability Ball Chair will add an additional 2" of height for the taller person. Very easy to install and require no special tools.

      • For people 6' or taller
      • Sit more comfortably with better posture
      • Instantly add 2" of height to your ball chair
      • Set of 4 per package
      • Quick and easy installation


Click this link for more information or to purchase the height extender adapters.

Workout Poster

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Exercise bands

Turn your chair into an exercise and fitness station with this fitness band attachment.



Stel'Air Backless Stability Ball Chair Videos

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