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Stel'Air Standing Desk Mini Stepper QT-875

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Stel'Air Portable Standing Desk Mini Stepper

Arrives Fully Assembled! Made for use at the office. The Stel'Air office mini stepper for standing desks is a high calorie burning, leg toning machine. 

The mini stepper made by Stel'Air is super quiet. When used at the office you can still work at your standing desk.

Burn Major Calories!

At the office the stepper isn't designed to step while seated. It is perfect for a standing desk.  If you don't have a standing desk you can still get the most out of your office mini stepper by keeping it under your desk and sliding it out every 20 - 30 minutes. This is one of the easiest ways to ward off sitting disease AND firm up your butt and legs.



Stel'Air Mini Stepper Features and Benefits

  • Up and down seesaw movement similar to climbing steps.
  • Made to be durable and lightweight to use at the office for standing desk for standing breaks.
  • Improve cardiovascular function and increase calorie burning efforts
  • Muscle toning for legs, firming action for the butt, and strengthen core stabilizing muscles.
  • The built-in display monitor shows time and steps to help achieve activity goals
  • The resistance is set by the oil cylinders. There is no resistance knobs needed as the stepper will warm up as you warm up. Starting slow and eventually allowing you to speed up.
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.

The stepper is quiet so it won't bother your workmates. If you have a hi-lo desk you can still work and step. By challenging yourself to keep your upper body still you can still work while engaging important core stabilizing muscles.

As long as you keep your Stel'Air mini stepper close you will never miss another workout. It is small, portable, lightweight and STRONG.

This style of mini stepper has no need for a resistance knob. Its engineered designed oil-filled-cylinders warm up with you. When you first stand on the stepper the cylinders will be slower to move. This helps give your body time to warm-up to the exercise. As you warm-up the movement also warm up the cylinders. You will be able to move faster for greater calorie burning power.


The standing desk mini stepper takes up very little space so you always have fast access to fitness. The cardio and toning experienced with the stepper include the potential of burning over 400 cal in an hour and firming up legs, butt, and even abdominal muscles.

For an individual who weighs 150 lbs the calorie burning impact can be around 400 cal/hr. This can even be greater for people who weigh more. The digital monitor that comes with the mini-stepper keeps track of time and steps. Use this information to set goals and calculate your calories burned.


Small and portable it can simply store under the desk, bottom desk drawer or closet. Just pull it out when you are ready to work out. Step slow and easy for a few minutes at a time while at work, or have a complete, sweaty, calorie blasting workout for as long as you'd like.

This machine delivers smooth, low-impact exercise but can also deliver fat blasting, high-intensity, workouts.


Fitness and exercise is cumulative. This means you can take quick exercise breaks and the benefits add up. For example; if you are at work and set your watch to take a break from sitting every 30 minutes. You can jump on your stepper for 3 minutes. At lunch add a 15 minute exercise break and over the course of the work day this turns into a full 60 minute workout. That is an additional 400 calories burned.

These small timed breaks will not just burn calories but also improve metabolism, tone legs, butt, and trim fat.


Easily portable means you can fit in a quick leg toning and butt firming exercise anyplace, any time.

Challenge yourself to hold your upper body still as you step.  This will really target your legs and glutes.


There are a few variance in exercise you can do on the Stel'Air office mini stepper that will provide abdominal exercise. Trim and tone your belly fat while you burn calories just by adjusting your body into a slight squat position as you step.


Keep at your workplace by storing under the desk. Just slide it out every 20 - 30 min to give your body a needed break from sitting. Workflow doesn't need to be interrupted. Just step for 3 - 5 minutes and schedule this time for returning phone calls or reading emails, bulletins, or any activity you can do standing

Quiet and low-impact so it won't disturb anyone within earshot.


Calories burned adds up through the day just like calories eaten. You can keep track of intermittent exercise to add up all the calories burned on your Stel'Air Mini Desk Stepper.

If you don't have stairs to climb, or prefer to remain in your environment to exercise, benefit from the climbing activity provided by your very own office mini stepper.

Simply use the mini stepper to mimic a stair climbing activity without having to leave the comfort of your office or workspace. The oil filled resistance cylinders provide the resistance that results in a rhythmic stepping motion.


 Fully Assembled. Start using right out of the box!

  • Maximum User Weight 220 lbs.
  • Unit weighs 14lbs
  • Footprint: 14 X 8 X 15 inches
  • Up and down seesaw stepping movement
  • 2 oil cylinders for low-impact, very quiet, slow warmup



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