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The PFM-002 Robust Complete

The PFM-002 Robust Complete

  • $297.00


Full-Body Muscle Toning.

Comes with a BMI Calculator, Digital Controls, arm bands.

Affordable whole body vibration with timer and auto modes, for low-impact muscle toning, an adjunct to weight loss programs and other prescribed uses for full body vibration units.

Power Fit PFM-002
Most whole body vibration units are found in clinical settings.  These units are very expensive and cost thousands of dollars.  The Power Fit has been especially designed for home use and as a result the price is very affordable.

The Power Fit PFM-002 Robust Complete vibration unit is avail­able at a fraction of cost of many brands, such as the well-known Power Plate line. Why spend more when you can get features like multispeed control, auto modes, and improved oscillating motion for less?

Full Body Vibration from this multi-speed unit will compliment a health and fitness regime by stimulating muscle tone and circulation.  Other benefits include core conditioning and stability, a great adjunct to weight loss programs, or simply to relax and lower stress.

Function & Durability
The Power Fit PFM-002 Robust Complete is ergonomically designed and fully adjustable vibration speed range from Level 1 – 20. Easy to operate so you immediately feel its strength and its benefits to the body.

Designed to operate at high frequency and lower amplitude, it can alleviate stiffness in walking caused by sore muscles, and uncertain gait due to inactivity and immobility of elderly people. Full-body vibration devices are used by those in all walks of life, from professional athletes to retired people.

If you aren't sure if you will benefit check with your medical practitioner or Physiotherapist.  They probably have one you can try before you invest in your own.

Full Body Vibration Benefits

  •     Increased muscle flexibility & reflexes
  •     Helps relax muscles that are sore
  •     Improved strength & range of motion
  •     Helps in the fight against cellulite
  •     A great adjunct to any Wellness & Fitness Program

Why Buy the PFM-002 Robust Complete?
the unit itself weights 108 lbs so it's stable providing heavy duty support.  It has a broad base with four large rubber foot rests.  Made of a heavy-duty and sturdy design that can hold a person up to 300 lbs.

PFM-002 Console
The console uses 3 digital LED screens to display BMI (Body Mass Index), Time, Speed, and three automatic programs.

Detachable Arm Bands
There are so many positions you can use to target virtually any body area with vibration stimulation, but now, you can work both upper and lower body at the same time with the PFM-002's detachable resistance bands. Double the effectiveness!

Superior Oscillating Vibration
The Power Fit PFM-002 Robust Complete uses Oscillating or Pivotal (teeter-totter) vibrations, for less vertical impact on the body. More natural and generally healthier than vertical (jump-up-and-down) vibration, this motion contracts muscles alternately on each side of the body, like walking.
PFM-002 Oscillating Vibration

On Wheels – Easy to Move
Although the PFM-002 Robust Vibration Unit is a heavy duty device, it is designed to be moved easily. The unit rests on 4 solid rubber feet, and to move it, just tilt it back to engage the 2 wheels located at the bottom. No super strength required!

The PFM-002 Robust Complete features 3 auto modes with pre-programmed speed changes to help you get the most out of your workout by challenging your muscles.

PFM-002 Robust Complete Exercises
Now with arm bands, the PFM-002 Robust can be used to work many different muscle groups. Here are just a few of the possible exercises you can do:

1.     Power Supply
-     Connect the power plug of the unit correctly with power socket after checking the voltage.
-     Push power switch on.

2.     Speed Setting
-     Select the speed mode button "Auto", "Low", "Medium", "High"
-     "Auto" mode is for the maximum ease of use and optimal timed vibration program. It works automatically by cycling through low speed for 15 seconds, medium speed for 20 seconds and high speed for 10 seconds.
-     Vibration speed(1-20) can be controlled by pushing the speed control button "+" or "-".

3.     Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculation Setup
-     Stand on the vibration plate.
-     Press "A" button to select mode "I" , then press "TIME" button to set up "Gender, Age, Height, and Weight", finally, press "TIME" button to confirm the data for each category, the display will show "--".
-     First, ensure the plastic film used during shipping has been removed from the shiny metal contacts (sensors) on each handrail. Hold 2 sensors on the holdbars firmly for 10 seconds and the BMI (Body Mass Index) result will appear. Body Mass Index can be an indicator of obesity. The BMI is calculated from a standardized formula used by health professionals to compare people's ratio of weight to height.

4.     Timer
      To adjust the default vibrating time, press the “Timer” button, followed by the “+” or “-” buttons to change the time by 1 minute increments, up to a maximum time of 10 minutes. You can not adjust the time while the device is vibrating.
5.     Start/Stop Button
      Press "Start"or "Stop" button to stop or start exercising.

Dimensions:   48.5" X 29" X 27 " / 123 x 74 x 70 cm
Speed Levels:  1-20 Levels (level 20 at 18 reps/sec).
Frequency:  Up to 18 Hz
Amplitude:  0-10 mm
User Weight Capability:  136 kg / 300 lb
Net Weight:  38 kg / 83 Ib
Shipping Volume:  49.0 kg / 108 lb
Power Requirement:  AC110V / 60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption:  1.5HP
Motor Power:  200 W
Duty Rating:  Heavy Duty