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Under Desk Cycle Classroom TS-672

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About the DeskCycle2™ for Classrooms

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  • The resistance offered on this pedal exerciser is also more than twice of what is available on anything else offered on the market today.
  • Resistance settings offered are 8 calibrated that range from easy to high resistance that is probably more than you will ever use.
  • The magnetic resistance is what allows you to work and pedal quietly. It is smooth to operate so you can still work while you are exercising.
  • The magnetic resistance is a patented mechanism and the same that is used on the more industrial style MagneTrainer so you know it is top quality.
  • The easy to read display will tell you the speed that you are pedalling as well as the distance and you can use the online calorie calculator provided to know just how many calories you are burning.

Under Desk Exercise Bike - Pedal Exerciser

When the kids have to sit in the classroom all day it can be a struggle to sit still. Now they can accommodate that need to move by pedalling while they work.

The DeskCycle2 is small enough to fit under the desk so it won't take up valuable classroom space.

Compact and top quality, the DeskCycle2 lets you pedal to get the blood pumping to your legs and heart. This helps to get the wiggles out.

Deskcycle2 Features

  • Quiet, quiet, quiet
  • Lowest profile at only 10" it will fit under the smallest of desks as low as 27". If by some chance this pedal profile isn't low enough there is a special shorter leg that can be purchased separately.
  • The other portable pedal exercise machines mostly use friction knobs to control the tension of the pedals.
  • DeskCycle2 uses the patented magnetic resistance components for a greater range of resistance settings. Made of heavy-duty parts and top quality housing.
  • The display has 5 functions so you can clock your time, distance, reps, calculate calories and more.
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.

Deskcycle2 Benefits

  • Ward off the dreaded Sitting Disease that is creeping into the workplace.
  • Burn off unwanted calories to help you meet your weight loss goals.
  • Tone up the muscles in your legs and abdominals.
  • Improve circulation and reduce the associated health risks.
  • Be more alert at work
  • Exercising has been shown to improve performance and mood.


Specifications For the DeskCycle2

Dimensions: Front leg bar: 24" wide / rear leg bar: 15" wide / pedal height: 9.5"

Weight: 24 lbs.

Display Functions: Displays pedal speed, work­out time, calories consumed, distance pedalled, and scan function (displays all in sequence)

Resistance Type: Magnetic, adjustable in 8 levels with knob

Resistance Range: 12 - 130 Watts at 60 RPM / 28 - 394 Watts at 120 RPM

Desk Cycle Accessories

Display stand for your Desk

Place your display on your desktop or table top excellent addition for those who exercise at their desk.
  • Includes 10-foot extension cable and a sturdy steel stand.
  • *Display not included.

Order Display Stand [Click Here...]

Display with Large Numerals

Larger numbers and face so (if you are getting up there like me) you can see them more clearly. The numbers on the screen are twice the size of the standard display. To scroll through the readings between distance, speed, time, and calories you need only press a button.

There is also a cool "scan mode" setting so you can just watch the numbers flash up on the screen in sequence, changing every 3 seconds. The display will turn on as soon as you start to pedal and will shut off a few seconds after you stop.

PLUS it has an additional odometer function not on the standard model. This way you can track your total mileage over time.

Order Large Display [Click Here...]

Short Front Leg

The ultra low profile of the DeskCycle2 still not enough? No worries there is an optional shorter leg that you can use to give you another full inch of leg clearance. Now you will be lowering the unit so you will be pedalling only 9 inches off the ground.

Order Short Front Leg [Click Here]

10 Inch Rear Leg

Maybe you need to push your chair closer tot he DeskCycle2 to pedal comfortably. If this is the case then there is also a shorter leg that will fit between most office style chair legs so you can scoot right up to your DeskCycle2.

The standard one with the bike was made with stability in mind and is 15 inches so the unit won't be tipsy. Because you will be closer you shouldn't have to worry about the pedal machine becoming unstable.

People who order this are usually under 5'3" in height with narrow chair legs. Most people do not need this accessory but it is there if you do.

Another option is to put the chair legs over the standard legs of the DeskCycle2.

Order 10 inch Rear Leg [Click Here]


**NOTE** To see ALL Pedal Accessories [Click Here]


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